Olive, the charming sheep at Andrews Farm, was known for her distinctive flower crown, a delicate ring of flowers perched atop her head. Every day, she gracefully pranced across the rolling hills to the pond’s edge. There, she joined her woolly companions in their favorite pastime: nibbling on the lush grass surrounding the pond.

With her flower-adorned crown swaying as she grazed, Olive not only added a touch of elegance to the farm but also played a vital role. Her appetite kept the grass trimmed to perfection, creating a picturesque scene enjoyed by all the farm’s inhabitants.



  • Original Oil Painting is Sold. Prints Available Only
  • “Olive” painting is done in Alla Prima, which means that these paintings are done in one session wet on wet oil technique, which gives a looser look to the work.
  • Artwork Size 10 x7-6/8
  • Original Oil on paper



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