Red Velvet Season


  • Original Oil Painting. “Red Velvet Season” painting is done in Alla Prima, which means that these paintings are done in one session wet on wet oil technique, which gives a looser look to the work.
  • Artwork Size 8W x 10″H
  • Oil on primed wood panel
  • Frame Not Included. The sides are painted.


Nick’s heart swelled with anticipation as he swung open the cabin’s armoire and retrieved his cherished red velvet suit. Opening the Christmas Tree farm was a cherished family tradition he’d eagerly awaited all year. Hitching up his horse and wagon, he embarked on a tranquil journey through the enchanting pine forests of Inkhart, where generations of memories awaited. Amidst the fragrant pines, he’d soon offer the community the magic of the holiday season, as the trees stood tall, ready to adorn homes with joy and twinkling lights.


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