Yellow Finch Trumpet


In our sun-kissed garden, a lively yellow finch flitted from branch to branch, the golden feathers popped with the vibrant echinacea blooms below. The trumpet vine, a graceful tangle of vines, embraced them both, creating a living tapestry of nature’s artistry. A majestic blue star holly stood sentinel, its azure leaves a celestial contrast to the finch’s sunlit plumage. Together, this quartet orchestrated a daily symphony of life, where the finch danced with the blooms, entwined in the embrace of the trumpet vine.


  • Original Oil Painting. “Yellow Finch Trumpet” painting is done in Alla Prima, which means that these paintings are done in one session wet on wet oil technique, which gives a looser look to the work.
  • Artwork Size 8W x 10″H
  • Oil on primed wood panel
  • Frame Not Included. The sides are painted.
  • Floral & Plumage Collection


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