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February Inspiration

I was looking for inspiration to write about this week. The snow is finally getting to me and perhaps my workload. The sun shone through the kitchen’s blinds and highlighted my potting bench as I was brewing a cup of tea this morning. So the sun chose the topic today. It’s not very often that sun rays have snuck into our windows of late.

That’s right; there’s a potting bench in my kitchen. My husband surprised
me one of the first years we moved into the house with my potting bench.
The elements were pretty harsh with it, and I didn’t want to get rid of it.
So I reuse it in the kitchen for gadgets and holders of baskets and fun stuff.
This is a cute little black transferware cup. I do have the saucer. I had a string of pearls planted in here that DIED. It did so well outside. I brought it in for winter, and death hit it!
A green-handled meat grinder.
I keep my handy dandy sugar dusters close by.
You just never know when you need to dust some sugar!
My Grandma Coffin had these Snow White cups for us kids when we were little. Three granddaughters created nasty fights about who would get the Snow White Cup. Who wants a grumpy cup when there was Snow White? And just so you know, I think I had the best argument… I did have dark hair… Just saying! Last Christmas, I found them on eBay and set them out to my cousins. I have the whole collection I’ll share with you later.
A nice little jadeite piece. I started collecting jadeite when I was in high school.
A little blue and black transferware and some of my husband’s tools collecting… HMMM!
Garlic and shallots waiting to be made into soup.
My mom’s Betty Crocker Cookbook that she got from her grandma:)
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