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+ Potting Bench

February Inspiration

I was looking for inspiration to write about this week. The snow is finally getting to me and perhaps my workload. The sun shone through the kitchen’s blinds and highlighted my potting bench as I was brewing a cup of tea this morning. So the sun chose the topic today. It’s not very often that sun rays have snuck into our windows of late.

+ White Dawn

A Surprise Bloom

Much to my wonder, my heirloom roses are in bloom already. Only 2 weeks earlier than last year… I’m sure the 90-degree heat we’ve had is adding to the popping. I say global warming. . . but alas, I’m just a designer.

+ Glamis Castle Rose

Glamis Castle Rose

One of my favorite roses in the garden is the Glamis Castle Rose. White Blooms appear from June- July and can get up to 3″ with 120 petals. I’m all about the fragrance when it comes to roses. This one has a strong myrrh scent.