Finally, my desk project, which I started in July, is now finished. It seems something always came up where I didn’t want to spend the money on the glass top for the desk that Bruce made for me from a wild idea I had this summer. Luckily, he just ordered it for my birthday. And even more lucky, I got it early.

We found an old unused door up in our attic.  I shabby painted it white. Then we had an old table that had blue-washed legs. Crafty husband put them together for me. Then we needed a big piece of glass. I’ve been dusting crevices which was a pain. No more.

Jamestown Glass solved our problem with the perfect fit and beveled edges. Now I can fill the sections with my treasures. My parents gave this to me this year—my handprint from 1979. I guess I can see how old I am in comparison every day. I had some ribbons from my grandfather that he won at art shows that matched the sea glass. We have little silver charms that I pick up when Bruce and I travel. You can never have enough good luck, in my opinion.

When we were first dating, Bruce and I started a tradition of going to Barcelona, on Lake Erie, every summer to pick up sea glass. The colors are the color palate of my studio and some other rooms I have. You can never have too much sea glass.

All put together. YEA! I feel so happy! One project is complete!

Glass Door Desk project
Happy Birthday Merry Christmas to me!

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