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Enchanting Glow

Welseyville’s sky cast a spell as an orange Halloween full moon bathed the village in an eerie, enchanting glow. Villagers gathered at the Halloween Costume Party at Watkins Pumpkin Farm. The orange luminous flow illuminated their costumes. It was a night where the supernatural felt close at hand, and magic whispered through the crisp autumn air. Watkins Pumpkin Farm Paintings


Alert Rabbit

Alert Rabbit was painted in oil during the Winter of 2022. Our farm is hopping with rabbits; they’re always alert for predators and me sneaking pictures from them. He was sent out as a Thank You card to one of my favorite people. I added prints of him to our shop if you want an alert rabbit hopping about you. I like the pop … Read More Alert Rabbit


Spring Tablescapes

Deck your mornings with a Spring Table Setting. This warm weather is making me want to break out into my jadeite collection. Do you have a spring/summer set of dishes? I have blue willow for fall and winter, holiday dishes and jadeite for summer. Forced Branches, Spring Bulbs and Jadeite Dishes. February, I started a new trend to get us eating at a table and … Read More Spring Tablescapes


Chili Weather

I can’t take total credit for this recipe… I got the idea from a recipe on and then worked it a little to fit my needs. I use it with all sorts of variations. I like to roast the jalapeños for a richer flavor. I grow them in my garden and keep them in my freezer which makes handling a bit safer. It’s … Read More Chili Weather


Peanut Butter Snickers Cheesecake

I was in charge of Labor Day dessert. I had planned on utilizing all of the hickory nuts we have for a hickory cake but the nuts decided not to fall fast enough. The back up plan – I decided to go with the masses and make them happy with chocolate and peanut butter. During my no carb diet a few years back I … Read More Peanut Butter Snickers Cheesecake


Early Morning Start

From January through April, it’s tax season so as winter fades I see Bruce less and less due to work demand. Saturday mornings find us getting up before the sun and getting ready. Today, I headed out to the studio and got to snap some photos that I wouldn’t have gotten a year ago in the city. Still need to adjust my red hutch … Read More Early Morning Start

5th St Studio

Some pictures from the studio I had on 5th St in Jamestown.


Hurricane a Glow

Today, you can get lamp oil and use the lamps. Some say you can even use olive oil which I have not tried. The chimney does get smokey but make sure you use your glass top so you don’t burn your house down! Some of the hurricane lamps take a simple candle. Keep it away for high traffic areas. It’s no surprise growing up … Read More Hurricane a Glow

+ Glass Door Project

Glass Door Project

Finally, my desk project, which I started in July, is now finished. It seems something always came up where I didn’t want to spend the money on the glass top for the desk that Bruce made for me from a wild idea I had this summer. Luckily, he just ordered it for my birthday. And even more lucky, I got it early. We found … Read More Glass Door Project


Antiques in Corry

This week’s expedition was Corry PA. We heard of a new antique mall at the Ruff Acres Antique Roadshow and decided to go for a road trip. Bruce failed to tell me about the length of the drive. Note to readers: I revert to a seven year old on road trips that are longer than 20 minutes. I have a rule if it’s over … Read More Antiques in Corry