Deck your mornings with a Spring Table Setting.

This warm weather is making me want to break out into my jadeite collection. Do you have a spring/summer set of dishes? I have blue willow for fall and winter, holiday dishes and jadeite for summer.

Forced Branches, Spring Bulbs and Jadeite Dishes.

February, I started a new trend to get us eating at a table and not at our small coffee table plugged into the tv. I keep the nook off the kitchen table set for breakfast. It’s ready every morning for us and throughout the day it makes me smile that I’m actually using my jadeite.

I never said I would be like my grandma but I guess I am a little. She had tons of dishes. So I won’t lie I have a few sets myself. Jadeite was my first collection which I started while I was still in college. I pull them out after New Years to lighten the house up from all the Christmas. The plates are smaller which makes me think we purge our waistlines from our Christmas Indulgence. Also, March means green for St Patrick’s Day and spring is just knocking on the door calling my name…. 

It’s a perfect time to go out and pick some branches from some bushes and trees to force too. Every morning, I get to watch the progress of the leaves bursting open and am reminded yet again that I’ll be working in my garden shortly. The branches in our Nook our from my mom’s Quince bush. It will have pinkish red blooms shortly bursting out. 

 Since, the setting of the table’s worked out so well for breakfast I started it in our dining room too. You’ll have to wait for that picture. It’s in the midst of our bar remodel.

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