Today, you can get lamp oil and use the lamps. Some say you can even use olive oil which I have not tried. The chimney does get smokey but make sure you use your glass top so you don’t burn your house down! Some of the hurricane lamps take a simple candle. Keep it away for high traffic areas.

Hurricane Lamps

It’s no surprise growing up I was surrounded with antiques. My mom was a certified antiques hound. I assumed growing up that all houses had antiques. Didn’t everyone go into the woods hunting through a hill that was an old garbage dump filled with turn of the century glass bottles. No… Well, that was my childhood. Living in WNY these antiques always came in handy and the hurricane lamp was a prime example. My mom always used her antiques. They weren’t just display pieces. If you live in the country you know that the electricity is bound to go out a handful times during the summer. During these stormy nights my mom would bring out her collection of hurricane lamps. What you thought we would use flashlights. OH my no no… we would have to assume that we would have batteries on hand. Seems like our battery drawer was always full that is full with dead batteries.

So this weekend I had a flood of memories at Lakeside Cottage Shoppe in Bemus NY with their collection of hurricane lamps. I took my iphone out and snapped some pics for my mom and she did pick one item out from below.

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