Holidays, birthdays and special events pop up, and I always sigh and say I should have made a card as I sift through the cards at the store. This year, I decided to do something about it. I found some kraft paper postcards for oil painting and bought a batch. I pick a photo from my inspiration archive folder every Tuesday morning and paint a postcard. The small card is a perfect quick painting to play with new color combinations or techniques. It’s also an excellent way to force me to share my paintings which I’m a known chicken to do. So yes, if you get a postcard through snail mail, it means I was thinking of you, and it is indeed a tiny oil painting just for you.

Pink Cocktails was the first postcard I sent out on the first of January to wish a Happy New Year. In this one, I played with pink combos, which I don’t usually do. Also, it was my first try at painting glass. Another goal was to work with wood too.

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