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+ Glass Door Project

Glass Door Project

Finally, my desk project, which I started in July, is now finished. It seems something always came up where I didn’t want to spend the money on the glass top for the desk that Bruce made for me from a wild idea I had this summer. Luckily, he just ordered it for my birthday. And even more lucky, I got it early. We found … Read More Glass Door Project


Spring Cleaning the Backyard

Kasper and I took the afternoon off to clean and inspect the backyard gardens. He’s thoroughly enjoying the garden hose in operation again. I let him enjoy the roll in the mud since tomorrow he has a date with Sharon at Dog Moms. I’m not sure how I collected so many antique insulators, it just happened. For newbies… Insulators can date back to the 1800s. … Read More Spring Cleaning the Backyard

+ White Dawn

A Surprise Bloom

Much to my wonder, my heirloom roses are in bloom already. Only 2 weeks earlier than last year… I’m sure the 90-degree heat we’ve had is adding to the popping. I say global warming. . . but alas, I’m just a designer.

+ Glamis Castle Rose

Glamis Castle Rose

One of my favorite roses in the garden is the Glamis Castle Rose. White Blooms appear from June- July and can get up to 3″ with 120 petals. I’m all about the fragrance when it comes to roses. This one has a strong myrrh scent.