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+ Silver Pears Oil Painting by Elizabeth Gleason

Silver Pears

I remember seeing Meredith with the salver full of fruit. I thought about having one but decided against it. Now I am glad that I abstained; otherwise, I may be dead now too.

+ Theodore O'Quinn Hummingbird

Theodore O’Quinn

Meredith walked through the gardens like she and Grandma Em always did on Sunday afternoons. The ritual was never missed. She remembered when they first started the tradition. The sun high in the sky, illuminating all the colors of the garden blooms and the smell of the flowers mingled together carried on the early summer breeze. Meredith reached over and ran her fingers through … Read More Theodore O’Quinn

+ Iron Onions

Iron Onions

Emma Josephine lit the fire in the kitchen stove. The weather had the hint of a cold snap in the air. She started gathering the last of the onions from the garden. Tonight, french onion soup with melted Swiss cheese and homemade hearty bread would be prepared. That would surely warm up the kitchen this evening.