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+ Rufus Montgomery Oil Painting by Elizabeth Gleason

Rufus Montgomery

Rufus Montgomery spent most of his time in a dense brush near an old Wesleyville farmhouse. Unlike other rabbits, Rufus had a unique talent. He had a deep understanding of others’ thoughts and feelings. This came in quite handy when hiding from humans and any other unwanted attention from prey. He was well over a century old, but no worries, he still was spry … Read More Rufus Montgomery

+ Bentley Hart Rabbit Oil Painting

Bentley Hart

Twilight was coming to the glen. The fireflies had just started their nightly adventures while Bentley hopped home. He was out later than he should have been because he had found an enchanted waterfall tucked away in a copse of trees. He had been foraging when he ventured a little further than he had ever gone before. The view was enchanting, the rushing currents, … Read More Bentley Hart