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Apple Bacon Egg Bake

When we moved into our house it was the middle of December and this apple tree looked very, very dead. Upon further inspection, it was even worse than we thought. One of the limbs had fallen off in previous years and they had packed the big hole with concrete. We knew that it was going to be a Spring project to get the tree … Read More Apple Bacon Egg Bake


Chili Weather

I can’t take total credit for this recipe… I got the idea from a recipe on AllRecipes.com and then worked it a little to fit my needs. I use it with all sorts of variations. I like to roast the jalapeños for a richer flavor. I grow them in my garden and keep them in my freezer which makes handling a bit safer. It’s … Read More Chili Weather

+ Glass Door Project

Glass Door Project

Finally, my desk project, which I started in July, is now finished. It seems something always came up where I didn’t want to spend the money on the glass top for the desk that Bruce made for me from a wild idea I had this summer. Luckily, he just ordered it for my birthday. And even more lucky, I got it early. We found … Read More Glass Door Project